Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Here's little update from the past couple of weeks. I finally got an iPhone, so these are some of the photos from the last week.

We've got the garden growing. The green beans and corn are really growing fast.

I've been off work all week. I think it's the first time I've been off for a week at home. Usually we go somewhere every time we get the chance, but it was nice to be home for the week. We've been doing a lot of door painting. We got new interior doors a few weeks ago, and we've been slowly painting them white. They came in a nice primer-grey color. Some pics to come soon...

On Wednesday we went out fishing with Scott's parents. We had fun, but didn't catch many fish. I did catch the same needle fish twice. Those things are weird.

Here's a little sunset action on Wednesday night....

And here's Faith and Carter, my niece and nephew, learning to play chess with my father-in-law. So sweet....


  1. I'm gonna need you're help developing a green thumb come this spring!

  2. What!!! I loved those doors. I am going to need some grieving time on this one.