Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fantasy football draft party

Today we had our fantasy football draft party at our house. It's the only party we've thrown since last year's draft party. But it was a good excuse to use some of the serving dishes we got for the wedding. I even got to break out our beautiful tree trunk cake stand.

It was an even better excuse to cook some barbecue and other goodies. I had a lot of veggies from our order from The Good of the Land. It's kindof like a co-op, but the woman orders organic produce from a distributor as well as from local farmers. This week we got radishes, green onions, an avocado, a mango, grapes, two starfruit, a cantaloupe, bananas, collard greens, mushrooms and lettuce for $22. I made some radish salsa, guacamole and stuffed mushrooms for the party and also some oatmeal cookies from scratch. YUM!

Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos because I was running around the kitchen all day. But I got the mushroom recipe from The Pioneer Woman. And here is one of her photos......

Photo from The Pioneer Woman

Ya'll, they were soooo good. The oatmeal cookies were also a hit.

Now, onto my team.

 -- Michael Vick
 -- Arian Foster
 -- Darren McFadden
 -- Hakeem Nicks -- go heels!
 -- Dez Bryant
 -- Owen Daniels
 -- DeAngelo Williams
 -- Jeremy Maclin
 -- Tony Romo
 -- Kenny Brit
 -- BenJarvus Green-Ellis
 -- James Starks
 -- Ravens Def.
 -- Pierre Garcon
 -- and Neil Rackers is my kicker

Not bad, but it's only an 8-team league this year, so everyone's team is good.


  1. I was just telling Robert how crazy it is to see your teams because they are always sick! But then I realize how small your league is....compared to our 14 teams league.

    My team is ok - it's one that we will definitely just have to wait and see.

  2. baaaa... football. hahaha.. Love ya.