Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updates: A new car, the garden and a new door

We've been busy around here since vacation. After we got home we learned that my car was sick and would soon need a new transmission, computer and catalytic converter. So we decided to get me a new ride. We settled on a Honda Civic Hybrid after being tempted by a sweet Mercedes for cheaper. In the end, I went for the more practical car. Surprise, surprise. But I love it. It has power windows and locks and cruise control - all firsts for me. And it should save me some money on gas.

We also harvested our pineapple. These things take two years to grow, so it really makes you appreciate them when they're finally ripe. Here's what it looked like when it first appeared in March....
And here's what it looked like yesterday before we devoured it. There is nothing like pineapple ripened on the plant and eaten fresh......
We've also been growing purple okra. This is a first for us. Hopefully we'll like eating it, because it's not one of the veggies we eat regularly.

Our bathroom renovation is finally complete. It was mostly done back in February, but needed a few finishing touches. Right after vacation, the contractor from Lowe's showed up to replace our rotting door and window that wouldn't stay closed. We got a cool door with blinds between the glass. It feels weird to get excited about doors, but I guess that's what happens when you're a grown-up.

Here's the before photo......Notice the sweet orange towel used to stop the rain from coming under the door. It was also a nice shade of dingy white.


  1. Wow - a new ride! Guess I would've found that out sooner if I had called you back. Sorry - been busy, but love the car, the pineapple and the door! :)

  2. You guys should mail that pineapple to me. I love me some fresh pineapple.

  3. Loving the car and the door purchase!!!