Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This is how you get dumped by a wedding planner.

I contacted a wedding planner to possibly help with the day-of and to help recommend vendors. She was super nice, but I must say, I felt like a total tight-wad after filling out her questionnaire. I subtracted the cost of the dress, photographer and decorations from the total budget and gave her a figure of $3500. Here's the response:

"From your first email you had said $5000 and now on the check list I see $3500 on your budget. I am not sure that my services will be feasible within that number now since it has changed. I want you to have a great wedding and I do not want my service fee to take away from and other areas of budget.
The best rate we can offer is $800 which covers the two week prior,vendor review and time line preparation and some set up can also be incorporated within reason like we discussed on the phone."

It hurt a little, but she's right. I can get a lot of other stuff for $800. Oh well. Kylie and Amanda--I hope you will help keep me sane and pull this shindig together. love ya'll!


  1. Why in the world are you trying to hire a wedding planner???? Robert and I spent a way more on our wedding and I planned it all on my own. We can have yours planned with no problem at all!

  2. totally agree!!! NOT necessary and I didn't even know you were contemplating that!