Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Visit from Grandma

My grandma Taylor came to visit on Saturday with her friend Ruth. They flew in from South Carolina into the Punta Gorda airport to make the trip a direct flight and a lot easier.

On Sunday Scott and I went over for lunch and I asked my grandma multiple questions about the family tree, which I've been slowly working on. I just discovered the My 7th great grandfather, Thomas Lindley, owned a mill on Cane Creek in Orange County, NC. Yeah, that's really close to Chapel Hill! The Lindley family mill is still there and in operation since 1755. I never knew this the whole time, and our Hwy 54 house in the Hill is probably 20 miles away. They were Quakers that moved from Penn., which is pretty cool. Scott says they were quite liberal for their time, so that, I like. Here's someone singing the praises of the mill's organic flour on their blog. UPDATE: Here's an article about Lindley Mills in Our State Magazine. And here is a website I found with the Lindley Family History.

Grandma told me so much about old family members that I can't remember hardly any of it. But it's been great hanging out with Mom and Grandma this week. On Tuesday, we had some fun at the Edison Home and then lunch at my house. Grandma was very proud of my garden because she's a gardener too, and she loved my home improvements.

Stay tuned...We're going to the Smokies in NC Easter week!

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