Monday, June 29, 2009

On the road again

Well we're driving in SC now after a night with Kylie, Mark, Noah and Emme in Richmond, VA, and a short visit with my dad and Judy. Noah and Emme are doing great and are two of the cutest kids on the planet.

Yesterday we drove from Portland, ME to Richmond. It took us 13 hours, and we hit plenty of traffic from NJ to DC. The rest of the trip should be traffic free in comparison.

Scott and I LOVED Maine, but were not as impressed with Portland. It was a big city compared to the other small towns we visited and it didn't have the same charm. It probably didn't help that as soon as we drove into town it was foggy yet again. The fog made the city look dark and dirty.

On the way to Portland on Saturday we stopped at two lighthouses -- the Owl's Head Light and Marshall Point Light. They were having a special event event at each, so we got to go up in the lighthouses and hear about their history from some very sweet volunteers. The fog lifted briefly when we got to Marshall Point, so I got some decent photos there.

We then got a sandwich in tiny Port Clyde and headed back up the peninsula to US1. After a few towns we went down to Orr's Island and Bailey Island, which were beautiful. As I was taking a photo of a fishing shack along the main road, a woman stopped her truck and asked if I'd like her to show me one of her favorite places on the island. She took us to a trail along the island's rocky coast that had beautiful Cape Cod-style homes and spectacular rocks.

After the trail, we went over to the harbor where a wedding had just started. It was a picture perfect location. It's kind of sad to be driving home, but it will be nice to sink into the couch tomorrow when we get home.

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